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  • ProgramEvents

    Program Events

    Chester County Futures provides real-world learning opportunities to enhance the life skills development, and college and career exploration of our students.  These opportunities include: College Visits, Corporate Site Visits and Community Volunteerism.

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  • Steps 4 Success

    Steps 4 Success

    During the high school years, Futures provides information to guide students through the process of scholarship research.  We connect students to available resources and encourage them to pursue any potential avenues of funding.  We help students find ways to make higher education affordable.

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  • PassportToCollege

    Passport to College

    Passport to College is an academic enrichment program for low-income high school students.  We equip and empower our students for academic and life success through after-school classes, real-world learning opportunities, and technology provision.

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  • FuturesAhead

    Futures Ahead

    Futures AHEAD is an academic enrichment program for low-income middle school students.  It gives them the building blocks for high school success and an early start on college preparation through enrichment camps and attendance at Futures College and Career Expo.

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Our Programs


  • Futures AHEAD – The Middle School Program
    This program is designed to provide early intervention to low-income students to set them on the path toward higher education.  We do this through enrichment camps held throughout the year at local corporate or educational sites.  Enrichment camps provide:
    · Academic enrichment

    · Life skills development

    · Improved access to technology

    · An introduction to post-secondary school and career options

    · Relevant activities that uniquely engage 7th and 8th grade students

    Passport To College – The High School Program

    This program is designed to equip and empower students through

    after-school academic enrichment classes and real world learning opportunities.  Curriculum includes activities and discussions on relevant, grade-appropriate topics, such as:

    · SAT preparation and test-taking skills

    · 21st century workplace skills

    · Financial literacy

    · Community volunteerism

    · College selection and application support

    · Financial aid application support

    · Laptop computers for 11th and 12th grade students

    Scholarships – Post-Secondary Students  

    Once a Futures student enters post-secondary school, they are eligible to receive up to $6,000 in scholarship funds.

    Program Results:

    · Since 1996, Futures has served over 850 students.

    · Since 2012, we have graduated 118 low-income high school students on-time.  Over 92% have matriculated to post-secondary school. 


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